Cuniform was founded in 2016, working with clients all across the country to help build and expand their wardrobes in a way that is more functional for them, more aligned with their personal style/values, and at the same time- more ethical and sustainable from a long term perspective. AKA- we consider everything


Fast forward 5 years and we've expanded into clothing resell via CuniformRecycled, launched a shop-able showroom chalked full of recycled clothing as well as home goods and our latest endeavor expands into the rest of our clients homes- Cuniform|interiors. 


What does this mean? 

We have a holistic approach working with our client's wardrobes and we use this same philosophy when working with spaces.


We'll meet you exactly where you are in life, discussing what's working in your space(s) and what isn't. We consider how you move throughout your home, what you spend your time doing (or not doing), we look closely at adjacencies of furniture and how they function for you. 

By doing this, it allows us to make sure the space works WITH you first. From there, we can adjust and restyle the space(s) through our own lens to breathe new light into what you already have and complete the redesign process. 




Sometimes you just need to talk it out